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Clovelly Fish ID Sign

In late January 2003 the Gordons Bay Scuba Diving Club erected a large fish identification sign at Clovelly Bay in Sydney.

a_Clovelly_Fish_Sign_016a.jpg Clovelly_Fish_ID_sign_for_GBSDC_wedsite.jpg

The sign is intended for swimmers, snorkellers and scuba divers and features 18 commonly seen fish species including; blue gropers, stingarees, old wives, drummer, luderick, goatfish and mados. Clovelly bay is an intertidal protected area and is protected from big seas by a artifical rocky wall. The Bay is home to the legendary groper “bluey” and is a haven for dozens of other fish species. On weekends it's a very popular place with snorkellers.

This fish ID sign was made possible by a grant from Coastcare. So far the fish ID sign has been popular and often on weekends people are crowded around it checking the fish species they have just seen while snorkelling in the bay.

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