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The Call of the Chain

While others play, Gordon's Bay Scuba Diving Club Members heed the “Call of the Chain”.

Golden Spanner Award

The Golden spanner is awarded to a club member who has given exceptional service to the club in the previous 12 months. This year, two Golden spanners were awarded: Sean Twomey and Sam Baxter.

SeanTwomyGolden.jpg SamBaxterGolden.jpg

Century Spanner Award

The Century Spanner award is given to members who pass a multiple of 100 club dives. In this, the inaugural award, we honour Ian Hunter, who has dived 200 times with the club, and founding member John Rowe, who has clocked up 400 dives.

IanHunterCentury.jpg JohnRoweCentury.jpg

"CALL OF THE CHAIN" - Club Honour Roll

Rhys Rogers is the latest member to receive the “call of the chain” spanner award.

Club members are recognised for their contribution to the club's chain maintenance activities by being awarded a personally engraved "Call of the Chain" spanner on completion of three consecutive monthly club dives.

Rhys Rogers 2022
Cameron Cole 2021
Gervase Greene 2021
Gail Matthews 2020
Michael Wilson 2020
Darius Wakulinski 2019
Christina Daman 2019
Nich Young 2019
Rick Roberts 2019
Anthony Gerardis 2019
Sean Twomey 2019
Chris Kreis 2017
Simon Robinson 2017
Steve Brooker 2016
Catherine Fitzsimons 2016
Ian Hunter 2016
Charlie Elliot 2016
Simon Cooper 2016
Greg Haynes 2015
Jann Barry 2014
Mark Fisher 2012
David Crestani 2012
Simon Blainey 2012
Mike Burnett 2011
John Murray 2011
Richard Vevers 2010
Russell Standish 2009
Sam Baxter 2006
Pete Howard 2004
John Rowe 2004

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