Coastal Fishes

Beardy.gif Bream.gif CrimsonBandedWrasse.gif
Beardy Bream Crimson Banded Wrasse
EstuaryCatfish.gif Grouper.gif HerringCale.gif
Estuary Catfish Eastern Blue Groper Herring Cale
MaoriWrasse.gif OldWife.gif RedMorwong.gif
Maori Wrasse Old Wife Red Morwong
Roughy.gif SmoothBoxfish.gif SpottedPipefish.gif
Roughy Smooth Boxfish Spotted Pipefish
StripedCatfish.gif 3barPorcupineFish.gif WhiteEar.gif
Striped Catfish Three Barred Porcupine Fish White Ear
QuestionMark.gif QuestionMark.gif QuestionMark.gif
Eastern Wirrah John Dory Long-finned Pike
QuestionMark.gif QuestionMark.gif  
Luderick Six-spined Leatherjacket  
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We have no pictures for items labelled with the blue question mark. If you have any pictures of these fish, and would like to donate a copy to the club, please contact the webmaster.

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